Lighting: tips for choosing lamps

The end of incandescent lamps has upset our selection criteria. To compare the performances of the models that replaced them, it is now necessary to consider other indices than the watts. Explanations. In December 2012, our old filament lamps bowed out after more than a century of existence. To replace them, we currently have three… Read More »

How to install a network decoupler on its electrical panel?

By guaranteeing the complete disconnection of the network to a circuit feeding various devices, a decoupler makes it possible to reduce the share of electromagnetic fields present in our immediate environment. Electrical networks and appliances (television, computer, induction hob, toaster, radiator, etc.) emit electric fields evaluated in volts per meter (V / m) and magnetic… Read More »

Use a multimeter

In electricity and electronics, the multimeter makes great services to detect a current, for measuring and for testing the operation of a device. Practical advice Before you perform a measurement with ohmmeter, it is necessary to tare the instrument : to put in contact the peak button and turn the knob setting until the needle… Read More »